Tuesday, August 4, 2020

My Migraine Triggers

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Hello Darlings. Hope everyone's doing well today. 

Migraines. I hate the very word. I have been suffering from migraines for the past 5 years. When I was in my 20s, I barely had headaches but when I entered my 30s...hello severe pain!

I have tried so many different things for my migraines. Magnesium supplements daily, 100 ounces of water, iron pills, eating meat again, seeing a holistic doc, seeing my regular doc, and etc etc.

After years of seeing my regular physician and getting nowhere, this past January, I decided to see a holistic doctor. I spent $450 for my initial visit and had bloodwork done. It came back that my iron levels were severely low. I had been a vegetarian for over 15 years and my body was no longer getting the nutrients it needed. I was also borderline diabetic so major changes needed to be made. I went on a health kick! 

Based on the recommendation from my holistic doctor, I started taking 20 pills per day. I was taking vitamin d, magnesium, probiotics, fish oil, iron, and blood sugar regulators. I took them daily and rarely missed a pill. I also increased my water intake a great deal and started using essential oils. The biggest change I made was...I started eating meat again. This was really hard for me and I spent a great deal of time crying over this. But my health was failing and I needed to make the changes. 

After 6 months, I was still suffering from monthly migraines. The pain didn't decrease and the intensity was as powerful as ever. About 2 months ago, I was vomiting, dizzy and extremely sick from a migraine and that's when I said enough is enough. I instantly made an appointment with a neurologist. I really don't know why I was so scared and why I dealt with so many years of pain. After having a virtual chat with him, he prescribed me two different medications. I am only to take the pills when I feel the migraine coming. 

These pills completely changed my life. One weekend, I felt the pain coming and I popped a pill and within 20 minutes, I was better. I must admit, I am a little disappointed I wasn't able to pinpoint what's causing the migraines. I really wanted to find the problem so I can come up with a solution, I didn't want to pop pills. BUT I can't deal with the pain anymore. 

Here's my #1 trigger....Fragrance. I am super sensitive to smells. My neurologist said this is quite common. I can smell a horrible scent and have no issues, but if I smell something else...wham! I can get hit hard with pain. So now I am really careful when choosing makeup, skincare, hair care, perfumes and lotions. Even candles and essential oils! I prefer to go fragrance free but sometimes it's hard. 

Here's some additional things that help or bring on a migraine:
  • Water: Even though it didn't solve my migraine issue, water is extremely important to your overall health. My body feels so much better and I have so much more energy when I drink 100 ounces daily. Plus my skin has never looked better. 
  • MSG: When I order food, I make sure they do not add MSG. It's an instant headache for me. 
  • Wine: Reds are not my friend. Even one sip will bring on pain. I only drinks white or rose wine. 
  • Exercise: It's super important for me to exercise at least 5x per week. It also helps me mentally. 
  • Sleep: I never gave sleep enough credit until I started sleeping at least 8 hours per day. Your body needs to recharge. You cannot run on empty. 
  • Vitamins: I am going to continue to take the vitamins my holistic doctor recommended. It helped with my energy levels and I noticed a difference with my day to day health.  
  • Coffee: I am now only a tea drinker. I stay away from coffee. For some reason, my taste buds no longer enjoy coffee. 
  • Diet Coke: I love a cold diet coke. I will drink it as a treat but overall, I stay away. It is made of too many chemicals and my body can't deal with it. 
  • BHT: This was a surprise to me! I really had never really heard of BHT. The first time I thought of it is when I used a foundation for the first time (Too Faced) and I had a headache within an hour. I just felt completely off. So I tried it for two more days and felt off! I then switched back to bareMinerals and I was fine! So weird!! Since then, I stay away from anything with BHT. 
Please note: I am not recommendation medications or pills. I recommend you speak to your doctor. I am only sharing what helped me so you can possibly discuss these solutions with your medical professional. 

Positivity Quote #4

Oh Dolly! How I love you! This global pandemic has made me slow down and think a lot. So many people (including myself) are really struggling. Some people have lost loved ones, other miss their friends, some miss their jobs, and I think we all miss our old lives. 

Overall, we don't know what others are truly going through behind closed doors. Just be nice. Even if you're frustrated and upset...don't take it out on someone else. We are all in this together and we need to support one another. 

I know I can always use an extra smile...Dolly knows what she's talking about. xx

Monday, August 3, 2020

Positivity Quote #3

Boy, am I really trying to remember this daily. Let's just say, Coronavirus has probably been a negative for everyone. It's unfortunate that so many people have lost their jobs, people aren't traveling or visiting their family and friends. Our normal routines have shifted massively. I have been working from home since March! 

But I am really trying to stay positive throughout all of this. I have been spending so much time with my parents, I have learned who my real friends are and I have slowed down quite a bit. I was always go go go and not really sure what I was accomplishing.

Life is going to throw us many curveballs. Hopefully we never go through something like Covid again, but we have to learn how to go with the flow....or at least I keep reminding myself.  

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Positivity Quote #2

Happy Sunday darlings! Hope you're all having a great weekend! 

This quote really hit me because this is what I keep reminding myself. The last three weeks have been really rough on me and sometimes it's easier to think life is just bad. It's not. It's important to breathe, close your eyes, and take a moment to calm yourself down. It's so easy to get worked up and let your mind take over. I am the Queen of Overthinking. I am just to enjoy moments more. Sometimes don't think of the whole picture but it's easier to think of moments. Take the day as one moment at a time. You got this! 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Positivity Quote #1

Hello darlings. Me again tonight. :)

I have to be honest...I’ve been struggling a lot lately. Never in a million years did I think Corona and quarantine would last this long. The past month has been especially rough on my mental health. I have been experiencing panic attacks and depression. I’m struggling to get through my day to day activities and have been waking up in a sweaty panic. I cry in the drop of a hat. I just can’t wait for normal life to be back. 

I was just told on Friday that I’ll be working from home until January 2021. So overall, change needs to be made. I’ve called my doctor and I have my first therapy appointment on Wednesday night. I’m not embarrassed to say I need help. It’s  embarrassing to not do anything about it. 

I also decided to post a positive quote everyday in my month of August. It’s to remind myself that everything will be ok. The world will get better. My life will get better. I will see my friends again. I will go to Happy Hour again! I will go to the gym again! I need to find my own happiness. Along with sharing my quote, I’m going to share how I’m feeling. It’s good for me to express myself and just “get it out”. 

Get ready for some positivity! I’m sure we can all use it! Right now, my priority is to improve my mental health. xx
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Beauty Products Used Up in July

Hello darlings! 

As quarantine continues, I haven’t really worn makeup at all. I wear it once a month usually but my skincare game has been hardcore. I’m taking really good care of my face but a little lazy with my body. I need to get better with that! 

Here’s are products I finished up in July! (I can’t believe it’s August already!) 

  1. Laneige lip mask: I bought this last July  when I was on Accutane. It didn’t help me much when I was on the medication but it helped saved my regular winter lips. Is it worth the $20? I would say no. I’ll just use my Aquaphor and call it a day. But it was good enough to use up. 
  2. Elta MD UV Clear Sunscreen: I have this on auto delivery from Dermstorm. I have used this for about two years now. It’s perfect to use while on Accutane and for everyday use, but it does leave flashback. I wore this alone on July 4th and I look like I’m wearing a white mask in our family photos. Not a fan. So I need to find something better when I know I’ll be photographed. 
  3. IT Cosmetics No 50 Serum: I love IT Cosmetics skincare and I have a lot of their products on QVC auto-delivery. I’ve gone through about 3 bottles of this gem and I have another waiting. It leaves my skin baby soft and is great to wear under makeup. I highly recommend. 
  4. Environ Focus Care Radiance Intense C Boost: I ordered this gem from Rescue Spa and I would repurchase. It’s a great vitamin C serum that didn’t make me break out and had no strong fragrance. Odors bother me on my face and I was absolutely fine with this. I would repurchase. My skin looks bright and hydrated! 
  5. BIOLOGIQUE Recherche Lait VIO O2 Cleanser: I am obsessed with this brand and I think it’s worth every single penny. It’s pricey but when I switch to something cheaper, I’m never happy. This gem is great. I’m not used to using a cleanser that you rub into your skin and wipe off with a washcloth instead of rinsing with water but it’s worth the change. My skin never feels tight or dry after I use this. There’s no strong odor. I already repurchased. I LOVE.

I feel like I’m going through products a lot more slowly because I don’t wear makeup so don’t have so many steps to do! I’m also getting better about sticking to what I like. Lately, I have been having a hard time with scents. I do not like anything strong at all. It’s hard to tell obviously when you order online but I’m trying to really do my research. 

Happy August and enjoy the rest of the weekend! ❤️

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Staying Positive During Quarantine

Hello darlings!!

Hope all is well and everyone has had a great weekend!

Quarantine! I cannot believe I am still using the word. Back in March, when they said NYC had to lockdown and we were officially quarantined, I never imagined it would last well into the summer. I literally thought after a month, life would resume back to normal. Well... we obviously haven't. 

I can honestly say my mental health has been on a roller coaster ride. I have mentally been all over the place. I have had a few ups but mostly I have been down. I am trying to stay positive as much as I can and here are some things that are helping me. 

1. Routine! You need to create a new routine for yourself. The first two weeks of lockdown, I had NO routine and was doing everything freestyle. Wrong move. Now I have a daily routine for myself and it has helped me so much. 

2. Exercise! Working out has been SO helpful. Staying active relieves stress, makes me feel better about myself (pat on the back) and it makes me get fresh air after being cooped up all day. 

3. Sleep! Having a good rest is extremely important. Rest is how our body's regroup and recharge. We can't breakdown. 

4. Hobbies! Try to start some of your favorite hobbies. I love reading but during "normal" life I get too busy. I started reading again and I am loving it. I am pursuing a passion and feel productive. I have also increased my skincare game sooo much. Skincare is a hobby for me. lol. 

5. Be easy on yourself! We are all being hard on ourselves. Take a breathe and don't beat yourself up if you decide to sit on the sofa and watch Netflix all day. If that brings you joy, then do it! We have never gone through something like this before. Do what you feel is best for you. 

6. Family & Friends! It's so important to stay in contact with your support group. I have been calling my friends and having FaceTime sessions like crazy! I don't even talk to my friends this much during normal life. lol. We share laughs and have such a good chat. We are in this together! 

I'm praying this is all over sooner rather than later! I miss hugs and I miss seeing my friends in-person. It's important we follow the government guidelines so we can be with our loved ones soon.