Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Preventing Migraines

Preventing Migraines || Musings of a Gossip

Hi darlings! 

Long time no chat! Last week was a tough one for me. About three years ago, I started getting migraines on a regular basis. Never before had I ever experienced a migraine before then and boy they aren’t pleasant. I’m not sure what’s causing it but I do have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow for an annual physical and I’m visiting an allergist on Friday. I heard allergies can reveal itself in different forms including migraines...not sure if that's true but I am checking! Also, about three years ago, I had a Vitamin D deficiency and I remember taking a 50,000 mg pill just once a week and it made a huge difference with my migraines and acne! Let’s just say 33 has been a bit rough and I should have gotten a physical a lot sooner. Am I the only one scared of doctors?? 

This might be tmi but oh well...I’m warning you. Last Thursday, I started feeling the beginning stages of a migraine. When I get a migraine, they usually build for a few days and they last for 3 days and on the 4th head feels sore. Sometimes it's a full week from beginning to end. .Does anyone else go through this? Anyway, so last Thursday I started to feel the pain and by Saturday, I was vomiting and in bed in complete darkness. Everything was bothering me. Lights, sounds, smells, everything. 

So I’m in no shape or form a medical doctor! I’m only trying these preventative migraine tips to see if they help me in any way. Even the slightest bit of less pain is helpful. Essentially I have to do whatever my doctors tell me to do BUT I have been trying some new things and hopefully they help make my migraines be a thing of the past. 

Preventing Migraines || Musings of a Gossip

I have to be truthful....

1. I hate water. I barely drink water daily and I have tried everything from getting a pretty bottle to using a straw to adding fruit. I hate it. If you give me a water bottle, I'll take a sip and then water a plant. 

2. I was on birth control for my acne. I was taking Orthotricyclen since November but I threw it away on Saturday because I was so upset. 

3. I love drinking a glass of Pinot Grigio every night after work. I light a candle, sit on my sofa, and watch my fave reality show or YouTube videos. (Please don't judge)

4. I can definitely eat better...less fast foods and more veggies. (I'm obsessed with Chipotle) 

5. I stopped working out...I got lazy honestly. No other excuse except laziness. 

I’m not 100% sure if any of these things contributed to my migraines but I personally think they did. I mean everyone knows water is important! Also, diet and exercise is super important to your health. I’m not a spring chicken anymore and need to take better care of myself. 

Preventing Migraines || Musings of a Gossip

So since Monday, I have been doing the following until I see my doctors...

1. Drinking way more than 8 glasses of water a day! It’s hot and humid in Manhattan at the moment and I’m outside a lot. Time to really hydrate!

2. I’m drinking ginger tea everyday. People have said ginger tea helps to improve brain function and keeps inflammation down...

3. I started drinking daily green juices! Trader Joe's makes this green juice that's amazing

Preventing Migraines || Musings of a Gossip

4. Started taking multivitamins. 

5. Eating spinach! (Surprisingly, I love spinach)

6. Order this starter kit from Welleco

7. Got Botox. (It's supposed to help) I got 48 units injected. 

8. Essential oils. I'm using peppermint and lavender. When I am feeling stressed, I rub the peppermint oil on my wrists and temples. I bought this set. 

9. Yoga. I signed up for 6 months at Laughing Lotus in Manhattan. 

10. Stay cool. It's important for me not to get overheated. I keep the AC on and wear tank tops. 

Preventing Migraines || Musings of a Gossip

11. No strong smells. I love love love my Chanel foundations and perfumed the moment, I can't handle any smells. Moving forward, I may have to get all my makeup and beauty products unscented. I hope no but it may be the case!

12. No alcohol. (tears) I have to save wine for special occasions. 

13. No diet coke- Again... I have to save this for special occasions. (Internal sobbing) 

Like I said before, I’m not a medical doctor and of course I’ll listen to my doctors’ advice when I see them later this week. I just thought I would get a head start since I don’t want another migraine to get me this week! I’ll definitely write a follow up post in a week with advice, updates and how I am doing with my plan. 

Do you suffer from migraines? What helps? 


Monday, June 11, 2018

Great Summer Read: The Marriage Lie by Kimberly

Great Summer Read: The Marriage Lie by Kimberly || Musings of a Gossip

Happy Monday loves! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I finished The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle last week and I had to share my thoughts with you all. I literally could not stop reading it. I was reading it on my subway ride to work and I swear I almost missed my stop! At the last minute, I realized it was my time to get off! Yes, that’s how good this book is!

So just to give you a quick rundown…

Iris and Will are celebrating their 7 year wedding anniversary and are trying to have a baby. Their marriage and life together is absolutely perfect and they couldn’t be any more in love. Will has to travel to Florida for work and the most devastating thing happens…the plane crashes and everyone on board dies. Naturally, Iris is heartbroken and doesn’t know how she’ll go on without Will. Thank goodness she has a wonderful support system in her friends and family and they help her to pick up the pieces…but once Iris starts learning more information about the crash and where Will was headed, Iris soon realizes that her marriage was based on all lies. Will isn’t the man he betrayed to be…and there’s a lot more to this story...and it's mostly ugly.

There was so many plot twists and turns! It makes it super hard to stop reading! I felt so bad for Iris because she’s just lost her soulmate and finds out he wasn’t who she thought he was at all. How would you react? Do you mourn the person you spent over 7 years of your life with? Or do you become bitter and angry because of the lies? (and the mess he’s forcing you to clean up for him!)

Since beach time is coming up...reading The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle is the best way to spend a day in the sand and sun. It’s a must read!

Hope you all enjoy. xo


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Four Setting Powders on Oily Skin

Four Setting Powders on Oily Skin || Musings of a Gossip

Hello lovely peeps! 

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on setting powders! I have crazy oily skin due to all the acne medications I use so I’m always on the hunt for products that will stop me from looking like a total grease ball or making my foundation transfer. To be 100% transparent...I haven’t solved this mystery completely. I’m still trying different primer/foundation/setting powder combos. 

These are the current 4 setting powders I’m using:

Giorgio Armani Micro-Fil Translucent Loose Setting Powder || Musings of a Gossip

1. Giorgio Armani Micro-Fil Translucent Loose Setting Powder: Armani and Chanel are my two preferred beauty brands. My dermatologist doesn’t approve but we won’t tell her lol. I love the slight shimmer to this powder. It’s not too shimmery or greasy looking. It gives you a subtle glow. Every time I wear this with my Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (Shade #6), I get MAJOR compliments! I love using it under my eyes as well because I’m starting to get lines there so this doesn’t cake, settle or make me look older. I get the JLo glow! 

2. Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Compact Foundation: This product was just launched about two months ago and I’m obsessed. It’s similar to the top powder but this comes in a compact for touch ups and it has a slight tint to it. I wear shade #3. Again, I get major compliments when I use this but one down side...I’ve used it everyday for about 3 weeks and I can see the pan already. It’s like $58 so I’m a little upset I’m almost done with the compact! I don’t think I’m using too much but maybe I shouldn’t be using as a setting powder? It looks amazing's lightweight, finely milled, and blends easily! 

3. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder: This is the cult classic with a major following. Honestly, I like this powder but it’s not my absolute favorite. I mostly use this in the summer or warmer days because it makes my face matte. But I find that I sometimes look too dry if I use it in the winter. I also create my own little mix with this and my Armani powder so I have the best of both world. For oily skin girls all year round, this is a must have product. 

4. Chanel Les Beige Healthy Glow Sheer Colour SPF15: So I love anything Chanel beauty. Love love love. I know my dermatologist doesn’t want me using anything with fragrance but surprisingly, this doesn’t make me break out at all. Nothing from Chanel does! I have no idea why my sensitive acne prone skin loves it or maybe it knows not to mess around with Chanel! Hahaha. I use the #30 powder to set my face but I don’t use under the eyes. For some reason, I only like loose powders for that. I also use #50 as a bronzer. It lasts soooo long. I have had this for a year or more!

For all of these setting powders, I apply using this brush. Loveeeeeee. I am still on the hunt for the perfect setting powder because I still have to touch up throughout the day. Am I asking for too much? Apply once and be done with it??

What setting powders are using? Which do you think I should try next?