Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Taking a Break

Hello darlings…

Taking a Break || Musings of a Gossip
Hope everyone’s having a great summer and is ready to walk into Fall refreshed and read to go… I ended up taking a break from blogging this Summer. I wasn’t expecting to but I seriously had no ambition to write a thing…like not even one thing. Most of my time, I try new beauty products and post reviews. But lately I have been really struggling to find products I am in love with…and doesn’t break me out. That’s the key factor…doesn’t break me out.

My BIGGEST challenges by far this summer has been foundations and sunscreens. I have no idea why finding the perfect foundation and sunscreen has turned into such a huge project. My sensitive-allergy loving-oily- acne prone skin just hasn’t been liking anything lately.

Anyway, I do have a few makeup and skincare products I have been lovely lately so I’ll be sure to post some reviews soon…

Happy Tuesday and chat soon.