Thursday, October 11, 2018

2019 Beauty New Years’ Resolutions

So I know this may seem a bit weird…but yes, I make New Years’ Resolutions and for the first time ever…I am going to make Beauty ones too.

I am admittedly beauty obsessed. I am an addict. I have makeup brushes stored away from years ago, I have 6 foundations that are brand new, I have multiple blushes from Armani and Chanel that have barely been touched, I keep order QVC beauty TSVs, etc. etc. etc. The makeup will probably expire before I even get to use them. This is only makeup…don’t let me get started on skincare! Scrubs, masks, cleansers and blah blah blah are all over the place. I need to start saving money and actually stick to a budget.

I want to do two things in 2019: travel more and start saving for a house. I can't do it if I am wasting money!

Here are my Resolutions:

1. No buying makeup unless it's on sale

2. No buying makeup until I am out of a product

3. No returning makeup

4. Only allowed to purchase products I have already tried. No trying new products. This is mostly due to my acne and I break out by a lot of problems. Only using known to work for me products will save me money and save me from breakouts.

5. I must stick to my budget. I have set a number to spend in 2019 and I must stick to it. $6k is my budget. I know this is an extremely high number. Trust me I know BUT it includes everything from makeup, haircuts, to shaving cream. Everything involving my personal care is in this budget.

Do you think I can do it? I'm a little nervous but I know once I set my mind to something, I can do it!


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