Wednesday, October 24, 2018

My Acne Skincare Routine

Hi darlings, 

I have blogged before about my regular everyday skincare routine but I do have to add additional products when my skin is acting up...I have been suffering with acne now for 3 years and it doesn’t seem to want to go away. I have found products that work for me and now know what I should stay away from. 

Here are some tips:

1. Especially during the warmer months, I try not to wear foundation and if I do, it has to be very light. My pores clog very easily so full coverage foundations no longer work for my skin. (I miss you so much Estée Lauder Double Wear!!!I wear shades Tawny and Cashew as reference) Water-based foundations are the ones for me. This one by Chanel is my fave. (I mix shades 30 and 40) 

2. I try not to wear any makeup on weekends! Again, sometimes I have to for events or work but if I’m just makeup! Every little bit helps and my skin and wallet thank me for it. 

3. I can’t wear primer anymore. It’s so weird because I always used to wear primer!! I have very oily skin so primer is a must right? For me, I can’t wear it at all. There’s not one season that I can wear matter what brand or type or time of year...I get whiteheads and bumps instantly. 

4. Do go for allergy testing! It’s worth it. I was trying to go completely clean or organic with my skincare and makeup and it turns out I’m allergic to plants. So every product that was plant based was making me breakout and I had no idea why. It’s worth seeing a specialist just to see if you acne is really an allergy to ingredients used in products. 

Here’s my full morning acne routine:

1. Sulfur Cleanser- I use Avar (doctor prescribed)
2. Bioderma Sensibio H2O- I go through bottles and bottles of this stuff. Super gentle on the skin 
3. Clindamycin (doctor prescribed)
4. Makeup with SPF- I use Chanel Les Beiges in shade medium. It is a bit oily/dewy for me but I rather be extra glowy than extra broken out.  
5. Separate spf on my neck- I use Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen with SPF 40

Here’s my full night time routine:

1. Purity cleanser to remove makeup (I buy the 64 oz once a year from QVC)
2. CeraVe or Bioderma to remove any leftover makeup- I do this because I want to make sure the sulfur cleanser really gets into my skin and it’s not blocked by leftover makeup residue. 
3. Sulfur cleanser- Avar- same as Morning (doctor prescribed) 
4. Bioderma- same as Morning 
5. Retin-A on face, neck and chest- this is doctor prescribed 
6. IT Cosmetics Confidence Eye Cream- most importantly this hydrated and doesn’t make me break out! 

Ugh I wish acne didn’t exist! Thank goodness I have found this routine to work for me. The trick is to use a routine consistently. No changing every 3 weeks like I used to. I know it’s difficult if you’re a makeup or skincare junkie but it’s a must to keep everything the same so if you do introduce a new product and have a know what doesn’t work for you. 

Thank you for reading!

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