Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Laura Mercier Translucent Pressed Setting Powder

Hi loves!!!!

My skin has been so problematic over the last few months. I have no idea what’s happening! I think I’ve been experimenting a bit too which with new products and my skin isn’t having it. 

Back in October, I bought the Laura Mercier pressed powder for my trip to Florida. I have used the loose powder version for years so I figured I would be the pressed powder for travel. (I hate a mess!) I had no idea the pressed and loose versions would be so different from one another! 

Looking back at my Florida photos, I can notice a white cast over on my face. The loose version leaves no residue or flashback! Ugh. So disappointing. I also used the powder for two weeks straight after Christmas break and I noticed I had really bad clogged pores and breakouts. It’s safe to say I won’t be repurchasing this in the future! 

What’s the take away?

1. The pressed and loose version of the same product can be polar opposites. Just because one works for you, that doesn’t mean the other will. 

2. Don’t buy new makeup and try it out on the day of an important event or major trip! Try the new product out BEFORE you leave and take a few test photos! Flashback is not cute!

3. Introduce new products one by one so you know which products are causing the breakouts. Trying 3 new products at once isn’t a good idea because it’s harder to track down the troublemaker! 

That’s it for me! Have a lovely week! 


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

3 Beauty Products I Don’t Like

Happy New Year darlings!!! Hope everyone had a great holiday! 

Over the holidays I tried three popular products and I DID NOT alike them. In my opinion, they were not worth the money at all even though they have loads of positive reviews.

Here are my thoughts....

1. Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray: I loved this spray when I first started using it but after a few days, I started to break out. I do have extremely sensitive and acne prone skin so many things make me breakout. I used this facial spray to set my makeup and the results were beautiful. My makeup blended together beautifully and I especially loved the look of my foundation...dewy, plump and healthy! I don’t think the smell was strong and went away quickly. My only issue were the bumps they came a few days after use...I tried to finish up the spray by using it for my hair but it turned out not to be worth it. I dumped the little bit I had and recycled my bottle. I’ll pass on this next time. Thank goodness I bought the smaller bottle! 

2. French Girl Rose Lip Polish: I maybe the only person in the world to not like this but it was a complete waste of time for me! My lips started bleeding a few weeks ago due to the NYC cold weather and my strong acne meds. The combo is always brutal this time of year! So I bought this scrub thinking it would help get rid of my chapped, cracked and flaking lips...wrong! It was a complete waste of time for me and did absolutely nothing! The only think that helped was shea butter I bought at Wholefoods! It was the best thing for my lips! I reapply all day long as soon as it wears off. Within a day I noticed a HUGE difference. I swear by it now and have been telling everyone. Shea butter is my new go to and I’ll never be without it again! I’ll be using it all year long. I’ll also be using it all over my body. I love it! I am giving this scrub to a friend and I’ll never buy again. 

3. Pai Gentle Hydrating Cleanser: I’m trying to get into the clean beauty trend. It has been a hit and miss for me. I ordered a little gift set from Follain and this cleanser was included. Thank goodness it’s a small tube. It smelled absolutely wonderful and the scent didn’t make me sick! (Certain smells trigger my migraines) It’s a hydrating cleanser and even though I normally have oily skin, due to Winter, my skin has been dry lately. I absolutely hated this cleanser and will never repurchase. It felt like I was putting hand lotion on my face. My face totally didn’t feel clean! It was hydrating and my skin felt super soft and definitely not stripped of its natural oils but I left like there was residue on my face after using this. I had to go back in with my CereVe flaming cleanser to really feel clean. I just wasn’t a fan at all. Even if I had dry skin, no thanks to the feeling of washing my face with hand lotion. Thank you, next. 

What popular products have you tried and ended up hating? 

Have an amazing week!