Monday, February 25, 2019

Acne Update

Hello darlings. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Just wanted to give a quick update on my acne. Since I returned from Disney about 4 months ago, my skin has been absolutely horrendous. Like bad. Cystic pimples everywhere and whiteheads for days. I am back to square one and it’s extremely depressing. I almost went an entire year with my face being perfect. Even in the summer which is my most difficult time…my skin was perfect. 

Here are a few mistakes that I made:

  1. I started playing around with products again. I admit it. This is totally my fault. I was good for about 2 years with sticking to my regular makeup routine. In my quest for cruelty free and vegan makeup…I messed up and my face didn’t like the changes…
  2. My nutritionist recommended I take basic b complex vitamins and dietary changes. This is my second time trying to add b complex to my routine and my skin hates it. I think biotin doesn’t agree with me. Since I am a vegetarian, my nutritionist thinks it’s very important but I am trying to incorporate it by other ways. This just doesn’t work for me.    
  3. My diet is very sugar, dairy, and carb heavy. All things that are no-nos.

I have been going back and forth on whether I want to go vegan. I’m thinking even part-time vegan is better than my current diet. I saw my dermatologist over the weekend and he recommended I remove dairy and gluten for my diet for two weeks and see if I notice a different. I am also back on oral meds. This is pretty much the last resort before I go on Accutane. I really don’t want to go down that road but I am sick of acne. It has been over two years for me and I don’t wish it on anyone. It’s frustrating, depressing, and embarrassing. I feel like it has taken over my life. 

Today is day one. I’ll circle back in two weeks and let you know how it’s going. 


Sunday, February 10, 2019

Lawless Beauty

Lawless Beauty | Musings of a Gossip

Hello darlings! Hope you’re all well. I wanted to share something a little different on the blog....clean beauty. 

So I’ve been going back and forth with the Clean Beauty trend. Of course I want to use cleaner products and want to avoid anything that can cause illness in the future....BUT with my extremely sensitive acne-prone skin, it’s extremely difficult to find products that work for me even with conventional beauty products. My main reason for wanting to switch over to clean beauty is because cruelty free products is becoming extremely important to me. I normally only wear Chanel, Armani, YSL and Nars which are brands that all test on animals. 

I follow Annie Lawless on Instagram and I think she’s such an inspiration and extremely motivating. I love love love the whole item of clean yet chic beauty products. She proves that Clean Beauty can be luxurious as well. During her 12 days of Christmas sale, I picked up a few items...I purchased her Woke Up Like This full coverage foundation, Seal the Deal translucent powder and her lipstick in the color “George”. I had purchased her lipstick before in the shade “Leo”.

It pains me to write truly does because I wanted to love these products so badly but I’m on the fence about all of them. I’ll try to use the products I have because I really want to use them and not give them to a friend but at the moment, I can’t see myself repurchasing. Let’s break this down:

Lawless Beauty | Musings of a Gossip

1. Foundation- the bottle design is stunning and I love how the foundation has a pump! Brilliant! (My Chanel doesn’t). The formula is smooth and very easy to blend but it’s too dewy for my oily skin. I like looking natural and dewy but this is dewy and throughout the day it looks caked on me. Also, if I start to sweat, the foundation turns white in those areas. It also shows  every single bit of texture of my face. If I have one bump, it will definitely show. I absolutely wish my skin was perfect and smooth, but that’s not the case...I can see myself using this up during the colder months but during the summer, my skin will destroy this formula and make it break up! I’m trying to play around with different setting powders but so far only Laura Mercier can control this formula. I also now look mix it with this Chanel foundation. My Chanel is a matte formula so it tends to control the Lawless’ dewy formula. I think it’s a great foundation for the right skin type. In my oily skin, it also rubs off on everything, clothes, my coat, on people! If I touch my face, it rubs off and I have to use powder to cover it. Sometimes when I’m applying it, the color rubs off and I have to apply more foundation in that one area and pounce in with my Beauty Blender.  I don’t want to mix foundations so this one will get used up and I’ll probably just stick to my Chanel. 

2. Seal the Deal: I love how this powder doesn’t have anything harmful in it, especially no talc! But it doesn’t set my makeup for long and by the end of the day, under my eyes look horrible and my foundation begins to break up on my face. It doesn’t leave flashback and doesn’t leave any white residue but it’s not the best setting powder I’ve ever used. I’ll try to mix a bit with my Laura Mercier to balance out the two but then, after I use it up, I won’t repurchase.

Lawless Beauty | Musings of a Gossip

3. Lip Gloss: this was my second attempt with this product. Back in April I purchased the shade Leo and it was horrible on me! It was a peach color and I hated the way it looked on my lips. This time I purchased George which is a medium shade of nude. It’s exactly what I like. The formula goes on smoothly but it makes my lips look super dry and cracked. If I put shea butter underneath, it makes the lip gloss slide all over the place. The applicator is perfect but one of the ingredients tends to leak. If I put it in my makeup bag, I have liquid residue on all my stuff. So I leave the lip gloss inside one of my makeup jars and apply it before I get on the subway on the way to work. This way I’m not carrying it with me and doesn’t leak and I’m using it up because usually no one except strangers see me first thing in the morning. Beautiful packaging, pretty shade but too drying and too much work. 

Like I previously said, I really want to use more “Clean” products but I seem to be wasting more money because I’m trashing or donating everything I’ve purchased so far. I think the “Clean” beauty trend is amazing and can’t wait to see more but just like with conventional makeup, you just have to find the right products that work for you. So far I haven’t found. 

I love Lawless Beauty but I’ll have to admire from afar! 

Have you tried any of these products? Are you a fan of “Clean Beauty”?