Monday, May 6, 2019

Week One Accutane Update

Hi lovelies. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I just wanted to give a quick Accutane update. I finished week one! Woooooo!!! Knock on wood but so far I am SUPER pleased. I know I know. It has only been a week so I should calm down.  

I had big hesitations about going on Accutane. So many people around me were so judgmental and freely giving their opinions and I was extremely afraid of all the side effects. I am under close supervision and my doctor has been a blessing and answers all of my questions and emails within minutes! 

So far I haven’t experienced any side effects except dry eyes and scalp. I actually had to stop using the heavy moisturizer I bought. I know I have to start moisturizing soon but I did it on day one and started breaking out like crazy. So I had to switch back to my CeraVe Daily Moisturizing lotion. I use Aquaphor every night and throughout the day so I haven’t experienced extreme dry lips so far. So far the only difference to my normal routine is using some eye drops and having to use a dandruff shampoo. 

This past Friday I had a wedding and the makeup artist did my makeup and used a lot. I was wearing Make Up Forever primer, Nars Radiant foundation, and Bare Minerals BarePro powder foundation. It was a lot and the following morning I had a few breakouts. I now know that after Accutane, I cannot go crazy with the makeup! I have to still be super careful! Besides that…no issues! 

I can’t wait to see some improvement! I’ll keep you all updated!


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