Monday, May 13, 2019

Week Two Accutane Update

Hello darlings. Happy Monday!

Just checking in for another quick update. 

So far, no real changes. I am starting to get a bit more dry and peeling. Just lips and face. BUT I am still very sensitive to products. I tried using a hydrating cleanser and thicker moisturizer and my skin isn’t having it. NOT AT ALL. Maybe I was the only one thinking this…but I thought after Accutane, I would be able to use a lot more beauty products. Well after two weeks, so far that doesn’t seem to be the case. I will still be very strict about the products I’m using. If it works for me, I need to stick to it. My dry eyes aren’t really that bad anymore. 

I am starting to get dry on my body. Loads of body oil and lotions needed. 

One last thing, I do drink a lot more water. On Saturday, I was super busy and didn’t drink that much...well I had a headache developing and my body reminded me to…HYDRATE! 

Let’s see what week three brings!!

Enjoy your week! 

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