Sunday, June 16, 2019

Week Seven Accutane Update

Hello darlings! Hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend. I spent the weekend back Upstate with my family. ❤️

I absolutely cannot believe I’ve been on accutane for seven weeks. It’s kinda crazy how quickly time flies by. I have no no no regrets about going on this medication. I’m NOT recommending it to anyone and it’s important to have many many many conversations with your doctor but so far,  very pleased. 

My face is starting to getting the slightest bit drier but nothing I can’t handle. I’m using IT Cosmetics oil free moisturizer. The only other thing I’ve changed up is my foundation. I don’t know why foundation is so hard to find!

I’m currently using oxgenetix foundation because my spa and dermatologist highly recommended it. But there’s one huge problem...the price. It’s $66 for a half an ounce! The bottle literally lasts less than 3 weeks. I may have to go back to my Chanel...I’ll let you know. 

Besides that, so far so good! 

Have a wonderful week! 


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