Thursday, August 8, 2019

Lessons I've Learned From Acne

Hello darlings!

Just a few thoughts I wanted to share. Maybe a little venting! Hahahaaa. 

  1. Stop Switching Products: I know this may seem obvious but I am so easily influenced by social media and YouTube and I shouldn’t be. When my acne was at its worst…I would always watch YouTube and end up switching my beauty products every 2 to 3 weeks. This became a cycle for years and ended up driving me crazy! I was doing terrible things to my skin! My dermatologist taught me…consistency is key. It’s so important for your skin to adjust and get used to products so it doesn’t react. Obviously there’s a difference if you’re allergic to a product but try to give it a month or two before chucking it. 
  2. Learn about Ingredients: I never used to reach the back of any bottle! I had NO idea what ingredients were or what they would do to my skin. It’s important to pay attention. I usually use over-the-counter products but I mix it up with medical grade. Nothing will ever beat retin- a from your doctor. 
  3. Facials are Key: Take care of your skin and clean it out! I get monthly facials and they are super important. BUT it’s important to find the right specialist using good products. 
  4. Stop Listening to People: At the end of the day, listen to your doctor and follow their lead. I listened to so many people and ended up confusing myself and making a mess out of my skin! It’s time, money, and your skin!
  5. It’s Worth Figuring It Out: Fixing your skin issues will take time and it effects every area of your life. I feel like my acne took over my life!! Just take a breath and calm down…it takes time but with the right guidance…it will get better. 

What have you learned during your acne journey? xx 


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