Thursday, August 1, 2019

Review: Too Faced Born This Way

Happy August darlings! 

I can’t even believe I am saying Happy August. I want time to slow down because I absolutely love summer and never want it to end. I never want the cold to get here!

Anyway…I know I probably shouldn’t be trying new products since I am on Accutane but foundation is #1 for me and its been impossible for me to find one that I absolutely love. I love full coverage makeup. I keep trying to be that “natural” beauty but it’s not for me. I love looking flawless at all times. So about two weeks ago, I walked into Sephora asking about IT Cosmetics CC cream and leaving with a sample. The rep told me about Too Faced Born This Way foundation. (I wear shade Warm Beige since I'm tan from summer) I have never tried anything by Too Faced except mascara and eyeshadow. (I loved the eyeshadow but hated the Better Than Sex mascara) She said it had good ingredients and hydration from coconut water which is important for patients on Accutane. I figured I had nothing to lose and walked out with a sample. I tried it out for a few days and no breakouts! Thank goodness as I head into month 4, my purging stage is over!! I did try my beloved Estee Lauder Double Wear again and started getting bumps. I just don’t think that’s the foundation for me. But I was pleasantly shocked by Born This Way! Full coverage, matte, and no breakouts! Win, win, win! 

So pros of this foundation? 
  • They offer a wide range of shades- they offer 35 shades.
  • The bottle comes with a pump! Wooo hooo it’s so much easier to disperse! 
  • Affordable compared to my Armani and Chanel. It’s $39 a bottle which a pricey but thank goodness way cheaper than what I’ve been using. I am waiting for Ulta to have 20% off so I can stock up
  • The glass bottle is super luxe! I don’t feel like the packaging is cheap since it’s less expensive than Armani
  • I don’t use primer!! Yay! Another save for me! 

The cons?
  • I am not sure if I look orange. My bff tried this foundation and she said it oxidized to an orange shade. I also read reviews online and people said the same thing. Currently I am really tan so I don’t notice the orange look…
  • Sometimes I get itchy. I am not sure if my skin is dry from the meds but sometimes I have to scratch my face
  • Such a minor thing because my Armani is the same way but my bottle isn’t thin enough to fit into my makeup acrylic drawer with my other makeup. 

Final call: I will definitely use up this bottle. EVERYONE has been telling me how flawless my face looks and part of that credit goes to my foundation. Also, I love that it’s better priced than Chanel or Armani. I am looking to budget!! I will also try the matching concealer. Honesty I am on the fence between this and Nars but I think I will stick with this since my skin hasn’t really reacted to it. I also heard from a few people that this has better ingredients and doesn’t get as cakey as Nars. 

Have you tried Too Faced’s Born This Way? xx

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