Monday, August 5, 2019

Week 14 Accutane Update

Hello Darlings!

Happy Monday and hope you all had wonderful weekends! I never want summer to end! I have decided!!

So I have another Accutane update for you…it’s amazing that after 14 weeks…I actually do have some changes! Hahaha. My legs are starting to peel! I still don’t have much dryness of my face but my legs are definitely peeling. The right bottle leg more so. Who knew my body would get dry!

Also, my eyes are becoming more sensitive. After having pain and tearing from my right eye, I stopped wearing the new LancĂ´me mascara and the tearing has stopped! I am using a sample of Chanel mascara and it’s working great. I am still on the fence if I should try a drugstore mascara or just go back to Chanel….

My lips are really getting dry! They swell and crack and bleed! I am trying everything and so far nothing is working. Any recs are most welcomed!!

My nails are still brittle and hurt when I get my nails done. I am going to switch over to manicures soon once summer is over and I am not in water so much.
I have pretty much kept my skincare and beauty routine the same. Well a few minor changes to foundation (now using Too Faced’s Born This Way in Warm Beige) and using Amore Pacific’s powder cleanser. Everything else has stayed the same…

Only 2 and a half more months to go!!!

Have a great week 

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