Saturday, October 26, 2019

Week 26 Accutane Update 

Hello darlings, 

Long time no chat. Today marks 26 weeks since I’ve been on Accutane. I have 9 days to go and I cannot wait. These last two months should have been smooth sailing but it certainly has been not. It is starting to take a mental toll on me and I wasn’t expecting that.

I have no regrets but recently I have noticed I have been more emotional and depressed. My skin is absolutely flawless. Every single day I get compliments on my face. People always ask me what I am doing because my skin is the best they have ever seen from anyone. It’s so rewarding after going through so many years of cystic acne that made me insecure and paranoid about my looks. Part of me is actually fearful of finishing my course of Accutane because I do not want the breakouts to come back. But the other part of me knows IT IS time. 

This week has been the worst yet. A minor situation occurred and I spent my evening crying, paranoid and having panic attacks. I was totally acting irrational and have no way of controlling it. 

I do experience breakouts still if I put something new on my face and my skin isn’t liking it. I am still SUPER sensitive. For example: I went to Charlotte Tilbury to buy a new concealer. The saleslady applied Wonder Glow Primer on my face beforehand and by the end of the night…I had small bumps. 

The last two nights, I have also been getting small bumps on my face…almost like clogged pores. I am not sure if I am going too heavy on my makeup and maybe my skin isn’t liking something. The foundation and Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finishing Powder are the only two things I have changed. After I finish everything I have…I am going back to my mix of Armani and Chanel and calling it a day.

I will write updated posts on makeup and skincare I am currently using. Nothing has really changed by much. I am keeping my routine as simple and consistent as possible. It’s important. 

After this long and difficult Accutane journey, I have absolutely no desire to go through this all again. I can’t. 

It doesn’t seem like a lot but monthly bloodwork, monthly dermatologist visits, monthly pharmacy pickups, and taking pills twice per day as completely taken its toll on me. 

Next Saturday morning, I will be more than happy to be saying goodbye to my list Accutane pill.