Monday, December 2, 2019

2020 New Years’ Resolutions

Hello darlings! 

It’s nice and snowy here in NYC. 

I’ve been thinking of some New Year’s Resolutions and I thought I would share…here we go:

  1. I will get better about saving money! I know I say this every year but now I really mean it. Hahaha. I want to save up for a house so it’s time I get serious about my finances. 
  2. I will only purchase cruelty free beauty products from now on. I really have been tossing and turning about this one. After finishing Accutane, my skin has been perfect and I am so afraid of messing it up. I want my skin to stay the same but I also have to follow my heart with this one. I have been going back and forth for years now about clean beauty. After suffering from migraines for so many years, I really need to look into every product I use more and start cleaning out the toxins. I know people go back and forth and say there’s nothing to worry about BUT I do notice a change in myself. I used the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation and wham…migraine out of nowhere. When I looked at the ingredients…BHT is known to trigger migraines in some people. Parabens have been said to mimic hormones. I know people have their own opinions but if I can be healthier…why not? We’ll see how this clean journey goes...
  3. Migraines…they have been really bad this year. I need to keep better track of my diet and really get my stuff together. I know there’s no guarantee and no one really knows what causes migraines but at this point…I really need to true. I can’t keep going through the pain and leaving work and missing out on life. 
  4. Relax more! It’s time for less stress, more vacations, and great people in my life. 
  5. Balance! I can be a pretty extreme person which gets me into trouble…I need to be more in the gray area and not so black and white!

I still can’t believe it’s almost 2020! Insane! I’m still in July mode!


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