Monday, March 30, 2020

Amorepacific Enzyme Scrub

I love love love love Amorepacific Enzyme Scrub! I have used this for years and have gone through too many bottles to count!

This scrub is unique as it’s a powder scrub and you can use it daily! I used this exfoliate the entire time I was on accutane. It’s super gently but very effective. It’s important for me to use during the summer months because with all the sweat and makeup, my tends can easily become clogged.

This bottle automatically dispenses the perfect amount of scrub. It is a powder scrub so you have to depends a small amount into the palm of your hands and mix with water. It only needs a small bit of water! I make my own little paste with it and scrub my face for a full 60 seconds. You’ll just glow afterwards! This scrub does have a a scent so just be aware if you’re sensitive to fragrance.

This is pricey but a bottle usually lasts me 2 to 3 months with daily use. You won’t regret this purchase.

What’s your favorite scrub?


Friday, March 27, 2020

Skincare My Dermatologist Loves

We all know our skin can be so temperamental. One day it likes this and the next day it likes that. Super frustrating, annoying, and expensive...

My dermatologist recommended a few products to keep my skin clear and under control.

1. Sunscreen. It’s so important to protect you face against the sun which can cause cancer and aging. He recommended Vanicream and Neutrogena. I liked both and used throughout accutane. I also love the price point!

2. Vanicream Lite Lotion. My dermatologist is obsessed with Vanicream. This light moisturizer can be used on the face. Again, love a good drugstore option without scents!

3. Free and Clear Liquid Cleanser. This is from the makers of Vanicream and you can purchase at Target. It’s light, does a great job with cleaning my face and it’s fragrance free.

4. Retin-A .06%. I love Retin-A and it has helped my skin soooo much. It also helps with aging! If you are having an issue with clogged pores...this will definitely help. Unfortunately, you do need a prescription from your dermatologist. But this is SO worth it!!!!

What are your favorite products for maintaining good skin?


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Vanicream Review

Hello loves!

Hope you’re all having a great day! Just wanted to chat a little about Vanicream. My dermatologist LOVES this line. He can go on and on about it. I do like it as well because it doesn’t contain fragrance and it’s super clean. Those are two things I love!

I decided to pick up two items I always go through really quickly...cleanser and moisturizer.

The cleanser is light, did a great job at cleaning my face and contained no fragrance! I use it every morning and evening. In the evening, I remove my makeup with Purity by Philosophy and once my face is clean, then I do a second cleaning with this gem. It was light and cleaned my face really well.

The moisturizer was super light and blended into my skin easily. Again, no fragrance which helps my migraines but I did notice some bumps on my I stopped using.

Overall, my preference is still Cerave. I love that entire line and the products don’t have fragrance either. Granted they do contain icky ingredients which is why I wanted to love Vanicream.

If you’re skin isn’t as sensitive as mine, you should def pick this up! Plus, it’s nice on the wallet. :)

Have you tried Vanicream?


Monday, March 23, 2020

Beekman 1802 Review

Hello darlings!!

I think I’m the last to know but I finally discovered Beekman 1802! I was watching QVC and they offered a TSV set and I decided to jump on it. The founders were so friendly and their story so inspiring that I couldn’t ignore! They call everyone neighbors! I love!

Their soaps and lotions are formulated without dirty ingredients and are natural as they come. They are made from goat milk. The formula are super creamy and lather up so beautifully.

The scents are delicate and nothing too overpowering and just one bar lasts for at least two months with daily use! These gems also make for the perfect gifts. I highly recommend and I will be repurchasing in the future.

I love a good story.


Friday, March 20, 2020

New Chanel Finds

Hello loves!!!

I have been a long time fan of Chanel makeup. It doesn’t make me breakout and it looks so chic and elegant.

I recently went to a CĂ©line Dion concert and went to Macy’s to treat myself to a makeover. I want to look extra chic for Celine!

The rep at Macy’s did the most amazing job on my makeup and used colors I would have never used! I was really nice to switch things up. When I run low on what I currently have, I will be purchasing some of these gems!

I have used Jersey blush for a really long time (about 3 to 4 years I think) and have repurchased 3x. But the rep changed it up and mixed my beloved Jersey with Rose Ecrin. It created the perfect blush! I’ll definitely pick up both shades and recreate the mix. I know it may sound silly to buy two blushes but I love blush so I’ll def get use out of them.

I usually use the Chanel eyeshadow cream pot but they tend to dry out quickly. I’m loving these stick versions! The gold colors are always my fave. You can use them to glam up or you can “dress them down” for everyday wear.

I LOVED this eyeshadow palette. I would have never chosen it myself but I love love love the look it created. I highly recommended. My Chanel eyeshadow palettes usually last me for over a year when I use daily. I def get my money worth!

Have you tried anything from Chanel?


Kosas Bronzer Review

Hi loves!!!!

I have been really into Clean Beauty over the last few years but it still hasn’t worked out for me. I tend to breakout. I think it’s because the ingredients are too pure for me and tend to clog my pores.

In January, I started seeing a holistic doctor and she recommended I try Kosas makeup. She said it was great for sensitive skin. So I went to Credo and picked up this bronzer since it’s the only item missing from my kit. Turns out....

It totally clogged my pores! I’m super bummed out and really loved how it looked on my skin. I received SOOOO many compliments when I wore this. I used my BareMinerals foundation and this bronzer on top. I ordered the shade Contrachroma which is a golden bronze. I just mixed the two colors together and used as one shade. I LOVED the results.

The formula was also super creamy and lasted all day long. Also, a little goes a longggg way. Seriously just a little tab!

I’m so bummed it didn’t work out for me! I’m going to try their lipstick next....lipstick can’t make me breakout right??

Are you a fan of clean beauty?


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Lune + Aster Review

Hi darlings!!! 

Hope everyone’s having a productive and safe week. So important to stay indoors and hopefully this all is over with soon! 

I was introduced to Lune + Aster last year by a blogger. I didn’t have high hopes but foundation is always impossible for me to be happy with, I thought I would give this a try. 

I picked up the Skin Tint in shade 25 Sand. It’s the perfect spring time match for me. I love this foundation because it’s paraben free, gluten free and most importantly...vegan! It also has licorice root which helped fade my acne scars. I really like this foundation and most importantly, it doesn’t make break out! 

Overall, I love this foundation BUT it does crease and for will melt off during summer. I noticed it started to skip off my face. I started using when I first started accutane and it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. 

I would recommend this as a winter foundation. I wouldn’t use during the warmer months because it’ll make a mess on my face. 

The bronzer was free with purchase! And I really liked how natural looking it is. Also a nice vegan option! It didn’t make me look orange! 

I’m excited to try more Lune +Aster products. I love supporting vegan brands and those wanting to improve our society. I hope to see more from them!

Have you tried any Lune + Aster products?


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

New Nordstrom Beauty Purchases

Hi darlings!!! 

I ordered a few things from Nordstrom and I’m super in love with all.

First up is the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish Powder! Everyone loves CT products and surprisingly the only thing I’ve purchased is a lipstick and concealer. Not sure why I hasn’t tried more products! A lot of bloggers have raves about this finishing powder so I had to try. I wear shade 2 medium.

The powder is super finely milled and you can use it to set your under eyes and face. I love being able to use one product for two things. Everyone gives me compliments on my face but I notice an orange tint to my face when I wear it. I feel like it oxidizes my foundation. It could be my imagination but I definitely think so. Would I purchase this again? Yes but I will only use for special events and not daily. The powder will only last you for two months max! For some reason, CT products don’t last long for me!

I do recommend but for special occasions only.

Next up is my fave Chanel lip gloss. I wear shade 722 and this is my 3rd time purchasing this! It’s my absolute fave. You can layer it over lipstick or wear it on its own. It’s the most natural and beautiful shade. It’s a neutral! Chanel lipglosses are not sticky at all. I highly recommend and I’ve already purchased in a different shade. (My girl told me to change it up!)

Giorgio Armani is one of my favorite makeup brands. I love their Eye Tint cream eyeshadows. I wear shade 11 Rose Ashes and get so many compliments. You can wear it alone and it does not crease. I highly recommend but it will dry out in two months. So when you are ready to use prepared to use it for 2 months daily or you’ll be wasting your money.

Have you tried any of these gems?



Monday, March 16, 2020

Savvy Minerals Foundation Powder Review

Hi darlings! 

Hope everyone’s safe and staying home. I haven’t been outside since Thursday! I’m staying busy and praying for everyone. 

Today I’m reviewing Young Loving’s Savvy Minerals Foundation Powder. I’ve really gotten into Young Living over Christmas and have been making monthly purchases. I saw a few people on Instagram use the Savvy line so I was really interested. 

Let me start by saying, I have used Bare Minerals on and off for years. So I’m used to powder foundations and know how to apply them. I decided to buy Savvy Minerals Powder Foundation in January and I absolutely LOVE it. I do mix it with my Bare Minerals Original Powder foundation because I bought shade warm 3 and it’s too dark. I have shade warm 2 in my cart now and will mix the two so I get my perfect match. I’m used to having to mix two shades to get my match. 

I get soooo many compliments on my makeup. I switched it up one day and used my Nars and I got no complements. I went back to my powder foundation mix and started getting my compliments daily. No lie. 

The main difference between Savvy and BareMinerals? It doesn’t have bismuth in it so it doesn’t create the luminous shine like my BareMinerals does. Personally I’m not allergic to bismuth so I never have a problem using BareMinerals. 

Another difference? The container. With BareMinerals you have a swifter so you’re able to “lock” the foundation from pouring out. With Savvy, it doesn’t have a stopper so it can get messy pretty fast.

Lastly, Savvy foundation powder is finer milled. BareMinerals seems thicker and more dense. 

For the price difference, I’ll probably go back to my BareMinerals BUT I really like Savvy as well. It’s so natural and has really good ingredients. If they ever have a sale, I’ll definitely be making a large purchase!! 

Have you tried Savvy Minerals?