Friday, March 20, 2020

Kosas Bronzer Review

Hi loves!!!!

I have been really into Clean Beauty over the last few years but it still hasn’t worked out for me. I tend to breakout. I think it’s because the ingredients are too pure for me and tend to clog my pores.

In January, I started seeing a holistic doctor and she recommended I try Kosas makeup. She said it was great for sensitive skin. So I went to Credo and picked up this bronzer since it’s the only item missing from my kit. Turns out....

It totally clogged my pores! I’m super bummed out and really loved how it looked on my skin. I received SOOOO many compliments when I wore this. I used my BareMinerals foundation and this bronzer on top. I ordered the shade Contrachroma which is a golden bronze. I just mixed the two colors together and used as one shade. I LOVED the results.

The formula was also super creamy and lasted all day long. Also, a little goes a longggg way. Seriously just a little tab!

I’m so bummed it didn’t work out for me! I’m going to try their lipstick next....lipstick can’t make me breakout right??

Are you a fan of clean beauty?


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