Friday, March 20, 2020

New Chanel Finds

Hello loves!!!

I have been a long time fan of Chanel makeup. It doesn’t make me breakout and it looks so chic and elegant.

I recently went to a Céline Dion concert and went to Macy’s to treat myself to a makeover. I want to look extra chic for Celine!

The rep at Macy’s did the most amazing job on my makeup and used colors I would have never used! I was really nice to switch things up. When I run low on what I currently have, I will be purchasing some of these gems!

I have used Jersey blush for a really long time (about 3 to 4 years I think) and have repurchased 3x. But the rep changed it up and mixed my beloved Jersey with Rose Ecrin. It created the perfect blush! I’ll definitely pick up both shades and recreate the mix. I know it may sound silly to buy two blushes but I love blush so I’ll def get use out of them.

I usually use the Chanel eyeshadow cream pot but they tend to dry out quickly. I’m loving these stick versions! The gold colors are always my fave. You can use them to glam up or you can “dress them down” for everyday wear.

I LOVED this eyeshadow palette. I would have never chosen it myself but I love love love the look it created. I highly recommended. My Chanel eyeshadow palettes usually last me for over a year when I use daily. I def get my money worth!

Have you tried anything from Chanel?


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