Tuesday, March 17, 2020

New Nordstrom Beauty Purchases

Hi darlings!!! 

I ordered a few things from Nordstrom and I’m super in love with all.

First up is the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish Powder! Everyone loves CT products and surprisingly the only thing I’ve purchased is a lipstick and concealer. Not sure why I hasn’t tried more products! A lot of bloggers have raves about this finishing powder so I had to try. I wear shade 2 medium.

The powder is super finely milled and you can use it to set your under eyes and face. I love being able to use one product for two things. Everyone gives me compliments on my face but I notice an orange tint to my face when I wear it. I feel like it oxidizes my foundation. It could be my imagination but I definitely think so. Would I purchase this again? Yes but I will only use for special events and not daily. The powder will only last you for two months max! For some reason, CT products don’t last long for me!

I do recommend but for special occasions only.

Next up is my fave Chanel lip gloss. I wear shade 722 and this is my 3rd time purchasing this! It’s my absolute fave. You can layer it over lipstick or wear it on its own. It’s the most natural and beautiful shade. It’s a neutral! Chanel lipglosses are not sticky at all. I highly recommend and I’ve already purchased in a different shade. (My girl told me to change it up!)

Giorgio Armani is one of my favorite makeup brands. I love their Eye Tint cream eyeshadows. I wear shade 11 Rose Ashes and get so many compliments. You can wear it alone and it does not crease. I highly recommend but it will dry out in two months. So when you are ready to use prepared to use it for 2 months daily or you’ll be wasting your money.

Have you tried any of these gems?



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