Monday, March 16, 2020

Savvy Minerals Foundation Powder Review

Hi darlings! 

Hope everyone’s safe and staying home. I haven’t been outside since Thursday! I’m staying busy and praying for everyone. 

Today I’m reviewing Young Loving’s Savvy Minerals Foundation Powder. I’ve really gotten into Young Living over Christmas and have been making monthly purchases. I saw a few people on Instagram use the Savvy line so I was really interested. 

Let me start by saying, I have used Bare Minerals on and off for years. So I’m used to powder foundations and know how to apply them. I decided to buy Savvy Minerals Powder Foundation in January and I absolutely LOVE it. I do mix it with my Bare Minerals Original Powder foundation because I bought shade warm 3 and it’s too dark. I have shade warm 2 in my cart now and will mix the two so I get my perfect match. I’m used to having to mix two shades to get my match. 

I get soooo many compliments on my makeup. I switched it up one day and used my Nars and I got no complements. I went back to my powder foundation mix and started getting my compliments daily. No lie. 

The main difference between Savvy and BareMinerals? It doesn’t have bismuth in it so it doesn’t create the luminous shine like my BareMinerals does. Personally I’m not allergic to bismuth so I never have a problem using BareMinerals. 

Another difference? The container. With BareMinerals you have a swifter so you’re able to “lock” the foundation from pouring out. With Savvy, it doesn’t have a stopper so it can get messy pretty fast.

Lastly, Savvy foundation powder is finer milled. BareMinerals seems thicker and more dense. 

For the price difference, I’ll probably go back to my BareMinerals BUT I really like Savvy as well. It’s so natural and has really good ingredients. If they ever have a sale, I’ll definitely be making a large purchase!! 

Have you tried Savvy Minerals? 


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