Friday, March 27, 2020

Skincare My Dermatologist Loves

We all know our skin can be so temperamental. One day it likes this and the next day it likes that. Super frustrating, annoying, and expensive...

My dermatologist recommended a few products to keep my skin clear and under control.

1. Sunscreen. It’s so important to protect you face against the sun which can cause cancer and aging. He recommended Vanicream and Neutrogena. I liked both and used throughout accutane. I also love the price point!

2. Vanicream Lite Lotion. My dermatologist is obsessed with Vanicream. This light moisturizer can be used on the face. Again, love a good drugstore option without scents!

3. Free and Clear Liquid Cleanser. This is from the makers of Vanicream and you can purchase at Target. It’s light, does a great job with cleaning my face and it’s fragrance free.

4. Retin-A .06%. I love Retin-A and it has helped my skin soooo much. It also helps with aging! If you are having an issue with clogged pores...this will definitely help. Unfortunately, you do need a prescription from your dermatologist. But this is SO worth it!!!!

What are your favorite products for maintaining good skin?


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