Thursday, August 6, 2020

Positivity Quote #6

Hello loves!! Thank goodness it’s almost the weekend!! 

Over the years, I have given up a few bad habits (for a short period of time) and let me just say, it’s true. The first two or three weeks are always the hardest for me and then after’s a memory! 

Over the years, I have given up Diet Coke, sugar, and wine and I was completely a nightmare to be around 21. What if I gave up negative thoughts for 21 days? I know it seems a bit impossible but what about giving up the negative habit of mentally beating yourself up? Or overthinking? Or thinking everything is going to fall apart? Well I’m going to try! 

It takes 21 days so I’m going to try to start some good habits!! I think I am going to start with mediation. I have heard great things and I think it’ll help my anxiety. I will start meditating and trying to live more in the moment. Wish me luck for the next three weeks! xx

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